acupuncture atlanta fertility Shams Wesley,
Infertility Acupuncturist

acupuncture atlanta fertility

“Thank you for all you’ve done for me. I truly believe that acupuncture had a huge impact on becoming pregnant, my pregnancy, the birth process, and the overall well-being of my daughter and myself. I believe that acupuncture would be beneficial for any pregnant woman.”
~ Shontel Loyal-Crawmer, U.S. Military employee

"I would not be pregnant right now if it were not for Shams. My husband and I tried to get pregnant on our own for about two years and then started seeing an infertility specialist in August 2011. I was diagnosed with PCOS appearing ovaries, but all other tests showed nothing wrong. They tried medicine regulate my cycles, then we moved into hormones, and finally we tried two unsuccessful rounds of IUIs in January and February of 2012. Although I liked the people at the office, I was tired of the hormones, blood work, and doctor's visits and decided to take a break from everything.

Then in July I decided to try acupuncture with Shams. One of the nurses had recommended acupuncture when I decided to take a break, and I liked Shams' website and approach. My first appointment was July 14, 2012 and I immediately felt comfortable and cared for. She focused not just on my body, but also on my mental and emotional roadblocks to pregnancy. I had one more appointment with her before I went on vacation - and we conceived while on vacation!!! Of course we didn't find out until weeks later, which included more treatments and support from Shams, but it was such a blessing to be able to celebrate our miracle. Like I said, I am completely convinced that we would not be pregnant without her and I am so grateful for her support - she listens, she advises, and she does not judge. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility!"

—S. Tate, Education Professional

"I had serious fertility issues and began seeing Shams when she had a practice in Athens and I chose to continue seeing her in Atlanta because I thought it was such an important aspect of my journey to motherhood. Shams offered great advice and service about herbs, nutrition and acupuncture treatment and I felt like she was extremely knowledgeable, especially about this specialty service of treating women trying to conceive.  More importantly, however, Shams' energy, love and support during the process were invaluable. She encouraged me to take good care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually so that I could be in the best place to cope with my fertility struggles.  I am now blessed with a beautiful baby and feel grateful to Shams for the part she played in that process."  
~ Kelly Case-Simonson, Ph.D.

"My experience with Shams has been life changing. I came to her after losing my baby after being 20 weeks pregnant and then having trouble conceiving after my loss. She was an angel. Her interpersonal skills made me feel warm and safe. The experience of acupuncture made my body feel very calm and relaxed. After consistent sessions my body found its center, its harmony. I also used the herbs in conjunction with the acupuncture. Gladly, I was able to get pregnant again and I now have a healthy baby boy. Shams has blessed my family beyond measure. I am honored to have crossed paths with her and will forever be grateful for the time that she shared with me. I strongly recommend her to others. Working with her is a priceless investment."
~ Erica S., administrator

"I was referred to Shams when I was almost 42 weeks pregnant and facing medical induction for the birth of my son.  Shams was wonderful and not only helped me with acupuncture induction but also mentally in determining whether there were any thoughts or fears I was having that might have been causing my pregnancy to run late.  Despite being a total stranger at the first appointment, I felt so calm and at ease with Shams taking about and working through these issues.  Shams has such a gentle nature about her and I felt wonderful walking out of the first appointment.  I truly feel like the work that I did with Shams ultimately helped me with the birth of my son and enabled my body to be ready for the delivery.  I cannot say enough good things about Shams - I just wish I had found her earlier in my pregnancy."

~ Meredith W., new mom

“I wanted to thank you for everything you did to help accomplish my ultimate goal of getting pregnant. I feel so lucky and blessed, and I know in my heart that you played a huge part in helping me get pregnant. I will remember and cherish this time for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything.”
~ Ann Richardson, entrepreneur

"I was initially skeptical about acupuncture but wanted to try anything I could to help me get pregnant. I had read the research on acupuncture improving the results of IVF treatments so I felt it could be an additional support to my efforts to get pregnant naturally. Shams made me feel comfortable, helping me find ways to relax during the procedures. I believe that Shams' treatment helped my cycles and ovulation become more regular, and while I did have to utilize some medical interventions, I successfully achieved pregnancy on my first IUI procedure. Shams' treatment also aided in alleviating some of the symptoms of early pregnancy. I am very appreciative of her work and its positive effects on my health."

~ Anna Hall, mother-to-be

I started seeing Shams in August after trying to get pregnant for 1 year. After 2 rounds of Clomid, awful side effects, a lot of stress and no results, I decided to try something different and found Shams. She listened to me, came up with a plan, and 3 months later I am nearing the end of the first trimester. Shams is caring, kind, professional, and effective. Her treatments helped me achieve a dream that western medicine did not and I would encourage anyone with fertility issues to have an open mind and give Shams and acupuncture a chance before trying the medicines that have such bad side effects.

~ Anonymous

"Shams Wesley, L.Ac. is a brilliant practitioner. She has a profound understanding of the healing process, along with a loving, caring and compassionate heart. I feel very blessed to know her as a patient and a fellow healthcare professional. I trust her judgment and skills completely, and am grateful to have such an excellent colleague to offer my patients who need acupuncture and herbal therapy."
~ John Laird, M.D., physician and founder of Great Smokies Medical Center and Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab

"Shams, you're amazing. After one treatment my wrist has zero pain and full range of motion. This is why I come only to you and why I put so much trust in you."
~ Erin Stagg, musician

"I came to seek treatment with the expectation that I would be receiving standard acupuncture treatment. However, Shams went above and beyond, offering me ideas on diet plans and ways to relieve my chronic musculoskeletal pain. I have experienced relief in the short timeframe that I have been seeing her, and am confident that I will be fully healed in due course of time. Shams is a caring and wonderful human being, and possesses traits that are hard to find these days. I would recommend Shams to anyboby who is seeking a holistic cure to their problems or is just looking for a kind presence in their life."
~ Anonymous, IT Professional

"I think Shams is an angel!!! I first started treatment with Shams about two years ago.  I was treated for back and neck pain and her treatments got rid of my pain and gave me more energy. I am 66 years old and started having growing pains (smile).  Several months later I started having terrible pains in my right arm and went back to her and after several treatments my pain was gone.  I then started having pains in my foot and she got rid of that pain.  Again I started having pains in my knee so bad I could hardly walk.  I am now pain free and doing kick boxing, Yoga, and Zumba at the gym three times a week.  Please, if you are having growing pains are any other type of pain, PUT YOUR BODY IN SHAMS HANDS; SHE IS TRULY A HEALER."

~ Minnette Gordon, semi-retired senior citizen

"Shams Wesley is a gifted healer, whose practice combines a sound understanding of the body and how energy works with genuine compassion, humor and a positive outlook. I began seeing her in 2010 for stress-related insomnia and anxiety, related to my work. She was able to help me to regain my sense of health and control, and to move forward in incorporating healthier life practices. She has since treated me successfully for injuries, arthritis pain, and seasonal colds. Shams is able to work with her patient to craft an individualized healing plan that works with their lifestyle. I highly recommend her practice to anyone in need of acupuncture or holistic health counseling."
~ K. Carr, educator

"We have been going to Shams for acupuncture for about two years and she has been a great help to both of us. My partner has eczema and I get frequent yeast infections. Shams has been able to treat the source of our problems and also recommends dietary changes and supplements to compliment her treatments. Her advice is always right on the mark and we see great results. Shams is a caring and compassionate person who goes the extra mile to help us take care of ourselves."
~ Anonymous

"Shams Wesley's skills as a practitioner are without equal. During and after her treatments I always felt safe, comfortable, and willing to explore places inside myself that really needed healing. She helped facilitate this healing in a gentle, light-filled and complete manner. Most importantly, though, Shams insight in acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped cure a 2-year chronic condition. Again, she is without equal as a healing practitioner."
~ Craig Carpentieri, educator

"Shams Wesley is an extremely well-trained practitioner who couples skill with heart. Treat issues not symptoms! Forget pills and traditional medicine. Get your issues resolved. And she's made acupunture affordable. Ask her to speak to your group about health and wellness; they'd be enlightened and empowered. I bet she would do it. Our healthcare industry needs more people like Shams who doesn't buy in to pharmaceuticals and is into HEALING."
~ Anonymous

"I visited Shams at her old location for treating a sciatic nerve problem. I had never undergone acupuncture before and had concerns. She was wonderful in walking me through the process and ensuring my treatment was safe and comfortable. I left the first visit with the biggest smile I had felt in years. A tremendous amount of bad energy had left my body and with additional visits along with recommended supplements, my leg and back haven't hurt in months. While no longer in pain, I'm hoping to make another visit soon to keep my focus on positive things. You should get to know this gifted healer."
~ T. Hagley, customer service

"Shams is a truly gifted healer. I have worked with numerous acupuncturists, and my time with her has been most profound - a healing of my body and a nurturing of my being."
~ Ruth McGinnis, Ph.D., psychologist

"I have been fortunate enough to be treated by Shams Wesley several times, with both acupuncture and massage.  The first visit I was a bit apprehensive one because I had never tried acupuncture and two because my recommendations said that she was a super prenatal care acupuncturist.  I was not pregnant so I was not sure what this treatment time would offer me.  After the 2nd visit, I felt as if I floated out off the table and back into my world.  It is absolutely amazing how comfortable she can make you with the process of having needles attached to you.  She seemed to intuitively know just what I needed each week and provide it to me.  This is an example of a true healer, regardless of the practice used."
~ Margie Thorpe, small business owner

"As a newbie to acupuncture, I went to Shams out of curiosity and hoping to clear up a bum shoulder and regulate my menstrual cycle. Despite my initial apprehension about being stuck full of needles, I found her work to be relatively painless and most of all, highly effective. Shams is professional, compassionate, and highly knowledgeable about Eastern medicine. I would happily recommend her to anyone!"
~ P. Thompson

"I have had the enormous blessing to receive treatments from Shams across nearly ten years. Like many heady, educated people who came of age with the internet, I used to live much of my life feeling distant from my own body. Needles, herbs, and dietary sensitivity have brought a love and appreciation for my body that I never could have imagined before. Thank you Shams."
~ Anonymous, graduate student

"Great results and compassionate care! I've been a client of Shams for over 2 years. I've had great results with acupuncture for nausea and relaxation. Shams is a caring, perceptive, and intuitive practioner. Highly recommended!"
~ Anonymous

"My work with Shams gave me a gentle space to perceive a deep sadness that I wasn't aware of. Through acupuncture she helped me clear it within a space of absolute love, mercy and tenderness. I highly recommend receiving regular treatments with Shams."
~ Widad Camela Kraemer, singer and songwriter

"I requested an acupuncture treatment from Shams with the intention of getting relief from my shoulder pain. I not only received what I hoped for (a decrease in pain and a significant increase in range of motion), but I also received a healing for all of the other parts of my being that are so closely connected to the physical. I experienced Shams as a very strong healer who has a deep understanding of and sensitivity to my emotional needs. Her ability to care for this part of me supported my ability to relax and open to the full benefit of the treatment."
~ Linda Resca, teacher and consultant

"Acupuncture treatments with Shams are unlike any others. Before a treatment she enters a very holy state. Then, with every needle inserted she prays deeply and her prayers penetrate deep into the body. It's a uniquely sacred experience and indescribable. I can't recommend her enough."
~ Nura Laird, M.Ed., spiritual teacher

Class Testimonials

I taught a class called "Acupressure for Yourself and Others" as part of the University of Georgia's Continuing Education Program.

"Excellent. I didn't know what to expect and this was far more than I ever expected. Thank you!"
— D.D., registered nurse

"The information was very informative and practical for basic knowledge of the functions and use of acupressure."
— D.C., local business owner

"Great class, Fantastic teacher!"
— B.D., construction industry

"This was a great course! The instructor explains abstract concepts in an accessible way. Plus I have learned some self and other healing skills that will be very valuable in the future."
— Anonymous

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